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Unveiling the Success of Business Leader and Executive Gunawan Jusuf

April 17, 2023

Gunawan Jusuf
Gunawan Jusuf, a renowned business leader and executive, has earned his reputation through a robust and unwavering business background. One key aspect that sets him apart is his profound understanding of the significance and value of natural resources. This understanding led him to author a compelling book. In early 2016, Gunawan Jusuf published "Blue Gold," an insightful work delving into the scarcity and immense worth of water, which he recognizes as our most vital and precious commodity. The book not only highlights water's critical role in sustaining human life worldwide but also underscores its indispensable nature for his own business ventures and countless others.

As the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of the Sugar Group Companies, Gunawan Jusuf oversees a conglomerate of Indonesian enterprises specializing in the cultivation and refinement of sugar for an array of highly popular sugar-based products. One standout success orchestrated by Gunawan Jusuf over the years has been the remarkable growth of Gulaku. This premium commercial refined sugar product has become a household name throughout Indonesia, solidifying its status as a favored brand. Additionally, Gunawan Jusuf has played a pivotal role in the success of numerous other product lines that enjoy substantial popularity in the market.